My Day as a Personal Assistant

As a KEYS member, I enjoy the opportunities we have to work with organizations around the Pittsburgh area. A few weekends ago, I had the chance to volunteer near my hometown at the Project Prom Shop located in Century III Mall. This volunteer opportunity was a very fun and rewarding experience. I not only got to help young ladies find their perfect dress, but also was able to meet other AmeriCorps members and members of my local community.


Some students are unable to attend their high school prom due to the expenses. This is the need that Project Prom recognized when it was first launched in 2003 by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. Since 2003, it has given eligible high school students the opportunity to choose free prom attire from a selection of donated items. Project Prom also recently started renting tuxedos to young men who are attending their prom. Items that are donated include gowns, shoes, jewelry, purses, and other accessories. These items are all donated from local organizations and the general public.

The Project Prom Shop is located in Century III Mall in West Mifflin. The shop contains dressing rooms and volunteers act as personal stylists for the young ladies who are looking to find their perfect dress. As a volunteer, I helped several girls find their dress as well as accessories to wear the night of their prom.

Prom is a very exciting time when you are in high school, so I wanted to make sure that every girl was happy with their prom look. I had fun acting as a dress consultant for the girls that came into the shop. Most girls knew exactly what they wanted and I enjoyed trying to find the dress that fit the vision they had in their heads. One girl in particular had a difficult time finding a dress. She came into the shop right before closing time and could not seem to find one that she loved. After trying on dozens of dresses she found herself loving one that she originally did not want to try on. It was an exciting moment when she decided to choose that as her prom dress. Her family as well as every other family I worked with was extremely thankful which made my experience all the more rewarding.


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