Three Great Service Projects That Need Your Help

Donations for all three of these projects can be dropped off in the KEYS Service Corps office in the Human services building at 1 Smithfield Street in downtown Pittsburgh. Please note which project your donation is for so that we can properly seperate donations and make sure that members recieve their donations in as quick a manor as possible.

Angelica’s Project and  Story

I am originally from the Harrisburg area. My junior year of high school (2006) I came to Pittsburgh and stayed at the Children’s Hospital for two weeks, while undergoing a transplant evaluation. While there, my family was under a lot of stress with driving back and forth from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh, taking off work, hospital bills, basic necessities and of course my health. About halfway into my stay, a nurse stopped by my room and delivered a large tote bag full of supplies. Some of them were things I needed and others were just things to help make me feel a little better. Some of those things were phone cards so I could call friends and family back home (I wasn’t allowed to leave or use my cell phone in the hospital and it was long distance from the hospital phone), books and magazines to read and games to play. My family and I were very grateful that we were given some help.

When I learned that part of my AmeriCorps term was creating a service project, I knew I wanted to help the organization that helped me. I did some research and found out that they are called Project Hope and are located in Zelinople. The tote bags are sorted by volunteers and donated to children’s hospitals all over! They also have a project called “Hopie Hearts.” Volunteers sew two stuffed hearts out of whatever material is available to them and then donate them. When a child has to have an exam or procedure done,  one of the hearts is given to the child and the other to the parent to make the two feel like they’re still together.

I am collecting these items through June 1st:

breath mints, body wash, razors, shampoo/conditioner,  books/magazines, cards, games, stationery, thank you cards, envelopes, pens and pencils, microwaved popcorn, gum, bags of chocolate candy, q-tips, mugs/cups, ponytail holders, brushes, combs and am making (along with other volunteers) the “hopie hearts.”

The youth at my site will help me collect the items and sort through them, as well as decorate the bags to be donated. I then will take everything to be donated.

If you would like more information or a patern for the Hopie Heart; email

Thank you for helping my project!

Mia’s Project

The Green Team’s “Community Green Day “is June 6th from 4:30-6:30 and we need your help!

Please save the date to bring your families! There are tons of family centered activities, giveaways, raffles, and cool demonstrations. We  will even have the Nissan Leaf and a truck powered by vegetable oil!! This event is appropriate for all ages. We would love if you could save old t-shirts, broken ceramics, and any used vegetable oil to donate for our stations. The plants, seeds, mosaic pots, planters, and other resources you will get in return will be well worth your time and participation!

The students will also be having a Green Artist Market upstairs! If you were unable to attend last year, the artist market was AMAZING! I cannot wait to see what great ideas the “green” twist inspires!

We also need a few things that we thought maybe some of you have in your basements! We are looking for donations of old/unwanted:
-Baby pools (any except blow up pools)
-Plastic pots or planters
-Any other containers we can plant in

Thank you so much!
Propel East Green Team

Wendy’s Project
As part of my service project at the Crossroads Foundation, some of my students will be putting together college send-off packages for our graduating seniors.  There are 24 seniors and the packages will include items such as school supplies and dorm-friendly comfort foods.

Here’s where you come in: 

Think back to when you first started college (if you have gone to college).  Were there any school supplies that were really helpful to have?  Were there any foods that were convenient to microwave at 2am as you wrote a paper?

I’m sure some of you have unused school supplies lying around, and what better use for them than to be donated to soon-to-be college students in need?  Or maybe you have a case of Easy Mac that is looking for a new home.

Examples of supplies to donate:
-Spiral notebooks
-Loose leaf paper
-Pocket folders
-Pens / pencils
-USB drives
-Easy Mac
-Ramen Noodles

Thank you so much!


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