Poetry 4/16

Enjoy some poetry written by some of our youth!

Green Feeling


I feel green when I am sick

Sick of doing the

Same thing

When I eat I can’t eat the

Same same thing over & when

I play I am the same just

Face it I am and that who

I want to be I

Change on the outside

But I am the same on

The outside.



Peace Peace.  Where has

It gone regain it, get it

Back don’t make me have a

Heart attack.  We can protest start

A club but that will make us run amuck

Let’s talk & sit.  Even ask the




Girl, Boy

Tall, Short

Black, White

Thin, Round

They’re all opposites

Opposites all around

Opposites around town

Blue, Red

Hideous, Gorgeous

Funny, Corny

Are all ways to

Describe the word

Opposites they

Aren’t the same

They aren’t lame

If you play a

Game don’t be ashamed to use



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