AmeriCorps in schools

“No two students enter a classroom with identical abilities, experiences, and needs. Learning style, language proficiency, background knowledge, readiness to learn, and other factors can vary widely within a single class group.Regardless of their individual differences, however, students are expected to master the same concepts, principles, and skills. Helping all students succeed in their learning is an enormous challenge that requires innovative thinking.”

-Jennipher Willoughby, Teaching Today

“Harnessing the power of national service to help improve schools across the nation is a great example of community driven solutions at work. The partnership of schools to their local communities is a natural marriage and the clearest pathway to provide these schools with the tools and resources necessary for success.”

-Robert Velasco, II, acting chief executive officer of the Corporation for National and Community Service

Why should we place AmeriCorps members in classrooms? So teachers can assign students who need individual attention to a member while continuing to address the needs of the classroom at large. Of the students tutored by KEYS members 84.7% showed an increase in completing home work and class work.

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