Member spotlight: Joseph Burke

Member spotlight: Joseph Burke
A native Pittsburgh resident, Joe Burke graduated from Geneva in 2009 as class valedictorian. For years he worked various jobs that ranged from demolition to restaurant work, but in the past ten years he has exclusively worked for churches. He notes that after 22 years of extremely difficult situations in his life, he was able to escape “the life that had [him] in chains” through faith and prayer. In 2010, Joe was one of 19 people awarded the Urban Heroes Award, which is given to those whose life is an inspiration to others. (More information about the award can be found by clicking here. He has two children and one grandson.

Host Site: East End Co-operative Ministries
What do you do there? Mentor and tutor kids
Why did you sign up for KEYS? Because I wanted to help others; over the last 9 years, my life has become one of service
What’s your favorite thing to do in Pittsburgh? Going to sporting events
What is your “life motto”? We must have at least one moment of quiet time in our day to slow down the busy-ness of life and refocus.

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